Items in the Pipeline

GOLDUCK DAO BOARD(GBD) Team Planned Projects

GOLDUCK' s utility isn’t locked into a specific use case. Our goal is to cultivate and empower a community of builders by integrating $GOLDUCK into a wide range of use cases, including but not limited to:
  • GOLDX - GOLDUCK Ecosystem App Platform. DCA Rewards, Swap, Referrals etc.,
  • DCA Rewards System- Buy back the ERC20 tokens on multichain using Dollar Cost Averaging.
  • GOLDOMAINS - Reselling of .ETH and other blockchain based domains.
  • dEXCount - Decentralized Discount Services
  • NFTs (Under FLOCKS)
  • P2E Games
  • GOLDERN - Learn to Earn Program
  • GOLDUCK Lands - The Metaverse
  • GOLDENFT - NFT as a Service Platform
The fee’s we collect from the the above projects will go towards building and investing in other projects. They will also go towards Our Dollar Cost Average (DCA) Rewards system to buy blue-chip tokens in a systematic manner which is then distributed to eligible holder’s wallets.
Note: The above projects/goals may change based on funds availability for execution
As GolduckDAO gathers steam, we’ll begin funding other projects from the DAO treasury. $GOLDUCK holders will vote on proposals submitted from teams who want to build.