What is GOLDUCK?

GOLDUCK is an ERC-20 governance and utility token built on multi-chain for the purpose of building innovative blockchain based projects, burning and generating passive rewards to its eligible holders through the fee generated from various digital products. GOLDUCK token has proposal and voting power in the GOLDUCK DAO governance module. GOLDUCK token contract code is: 0xE585E1878856868D9657aab815A8b8BA6a7A960D

Is GolduckDAO a tax token?

GolduckDAO is not a tax token. A standard ERC-20 Token. There won't be any tax on buying/selling or transfer of tokens

Which wallets can the tokens be stored? ERC-20 wallets. We recommend using Metamask wallet which allows adding of custom tokens. Before using an exchange address or other wallet, please check that GOLDUCK token is supported.

Who should join GolduckDAO?

Anybody with an interest in building web3 projects. Founders, contributors, blockchain enthusiasts, NFT artists or just the web3 curious are all welcome here.

Who owns GolduckDAO?

GolduckDAO are owned by their members, that is, the people who develop various innovative products or purchase the digital assets that the DAO sells.

What is the benefit of buying GolduckDAO at GOLDX?

You can buy GOLDUCK at other DEX Platforms when it is launched and also buy purchase GolduckDAO tokens at GOLDX platform with discount. The amount of tokens you receive instantly at other DEX platforms and GOLDX is same. The only difference is at GOLDX you will get an additional tokens as bonus.

What is a DAO and why does GOLDUCK use this structure? Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is an entity with a mission and a shared pool of capital where at least part of its operation is automated through smart contracts. A DAO normally has a token which gives contributors a shared incentive to help the DAO, and thus the token, succeed.

"Decentralized" and "Autonomous" is a spectrum, with many projects including GOLDUCK moving towards this goal over time. There are many factors to consider such as:

  • Inefficiency of DAO decision making

  • The required efficiency of centralized dev teams and administrators during early stages of the project

  • Balancing decentralization and rewarding contributors — what if a few core teams contribute the most? Are they entitled to majority of DAO tokens? If not, what incentivizes them to be contributors instead of free riders?

  • Limitations of current governance and blockchain technologies

How secure is GOLDUCK DAO? As with any crypto project there is a chance for complete loss of funds, exploits or bugs in the smart contract, or malicious actions, or mistakes made by multi-sig administrators. Our phase 1 design is relatively simple and uses battle-tested industry standard components including Gnosis Safe, and Gnosis Snapshot

Who owns GOLDUCK DAO? Who controls the GOLDUCK DAO treasury? GOLDUCK token holders.

How will GOLDUCK DAO treasury grow over time? GOLDUCK Community develops innovative projects. These projects will earn revenue, and part of the revenue will go to GOLDUCK Treasury. Over time, as more and more projects are launched, the revenue will be sent to Treasury. GOLDUCK DAO will also look to token swap with existing and emerging projects. By holding other project tokens, GOLDUCK DAO is incentivized to help our invested projects succeed. Win-Win Situation for both GOLDUCK and partners.

How do I vote to proposals? Please go here: https://snapshot.org/#/golduckdao.eth

What kind of projects will DAO provide grants to? Why would GOLDUCK DAO do this? When our treasury builds and have sufficient excess funds then GolduckDAO may look to provide grants for development of decentralized technologies including DeFI, governance, layer 1 or layer 2 ,games, metaverse, NFTs, etc. We may also provide grants for contributors to GOLDUCK DAO, for example building a custom governance module, or efforts in community management, or the future GOLDUCK.

GOLDUCK DAO will look to support these projects because we benefit from these technologies together with the whole community.

Grants are subject to availability of funds in the Treasury and all grants will be via DAO proposal and voting process.

How to view my DCA Rewards?

Open GOLDX website url in the browser or Metamask browser, and click on Switch Network to pick your preferred chain and view rewards. If you keep switching chains, you need to connect to wallet again to refresh the page on each chain.

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