GolduckDAO implements a proposal process for community governance. This process ensures that token holders actively participate in deciding how funds and tokens from the treasury will be allocated. In its initial stages, the founders may choose a phased governance approach by gradually distributing tokens to the community for increased engagement.

In the initial stage of GolduckDAO token launch, the founders may face a challenge in engaging the community in governance since they hold most of the tokens. In this case, the founders can consider implementing a phased approach to governance by gradually distributing tokens to the community and involving them in decision-making. Here are a few suggestions to kick-start proposals and governance initially:

  1. Airdrops and Incentives: To engage the community and attract more participants to the ecosystem, the founders can introduce token airdrops to potential users. A portion of the treasury can be allocated to airdrops or incentive programs to distribute tokens to early adopters, developers, and active participants.

  2. Strategic Partnerships: Forming partnerships with other projects, influencers, and industry players can help distribute tokens to a wider audience. This strategy can enhance GolduckDAO's network and increase token utility while gradually building a diverse and motivated community.

  3. Token Sale or Initial DEX Offering (IDO): Conduct a token sale or IDO to distribute a portion of the treasury's tokens to the community. This will engage interested parties, increase token distribution, and involve a larger audience in governance and decision-making.

  4. Community-Driven Projects and Development: Encourage community members to participate in the ecosystem by initiating projects, building tools, and providing valuable services that require GOLDUCK tokens. As they contribute to the development of the platform, they will receive token rewards and share in governance.

  5. Gradual Decentralization: As the community grows and more tokens are distributed, the founders can incrementally decrease their token holdings and decision-making power, ensuring a fair and equitable balance in governance. This approach builds trust and aligns the founders' interests with those of the community as the platform decentralizes over time.

Our initial policy is for the following actions to be executed only after a successful proposal and vote:

  • Buyback & Burn GOLDUCK Tokens

  • Treasury Funds allocation to DCA Rewards Pool

  • Token swaps with existing and emerging projects for investments

  • Allocation of Tokens to DEX Liquidity OR any Events.

  • Treasury allocation into various projects in the form of grants.

  • Updates to GOLDUCK DAO core protocols (including governance and treasury management functions).

  • Treasury staking to earn interest and compound treasury assets. Part of the revenue will go to the DCA Rewards Pool Contract to buy blue-chip crypto assets which are then distributed to holders.

Managed Treasury Excluded from Governance : This exclusion is in recognition of the fact that the Managed Treasury of Golduck is governed by its own management entity, acting independently from the general governance mechanism in place.

By implementing these strategies, GolduckDAO's founders can effectively engage the community in the early stages of the project while gradually distributing tokens and governance power over time. This approach fosters a strong, diverse, and active community dedicated to the development and success of the GolduckDAO ecosystem.

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