GOLDX is a GOLDUCK ecosystem app where users can view their DCA rewards, IDO Management, Purchase GolduckDAO tokens and receive bonus tokens, refer friends to receive bonus tokens and access services GOLDUCK is offering.

The fee revenue coming out of GOLDX platform will be sent to Treasury and part of the fee will be directly sent to DCA Rewards Pool.

​​GOLDX URL: https://goldx.golduck.org

GOLDX Features:

  1. Purchase GolduckDAO Tokens at discounted price from IDO

  2. Facilitate to earn BNB/ETH and GOLDUCK tokens as bonus by referring friends

  3. Buy Back the selected tokens via DCA Method to distribute rewards to eligible holders

  4. One stop shop to various services and extensions of Golduck DAO

Funds split from IDO Platform:

For example: If you buy $100 USD worth of GOLDUCK tokens at GOLDX, then

$60 - Goes to GOLDUCK Treasury Wallet

$20 - Goes to DCA Rewards Pool Contract

$10 - Goes to DEX Platform Liquidity to buy back GOLDUCK tokens (Based on chain, Pancake/uniswap/quicksap/netswap)

$10 - Goes to referrer wallet instantly if you buy thru referral link. If no referral, then this amount will be sent to GOLDX smart contract which in turn will be sent to Treasury.

When you buy at DEX Platform, 100% of funds goes to DEX Liquidity. Whereas when you buy at out IDO on GOLDX, 10% goes to liquidity and the rest goes to Treasury and DCA Rewards Pool. When revenue goes to the DCA Rewards Pool, our unique protocol buys the selected blue-chip tokens and distributes them as rewards to holders.

How DCA Rewards Pool is funded?

Rewards Pool is funded in two methods.

1. If any one purchase tokens via our IDO on GOLDX Platform, part of the amount goes to Rewards Pool.

2. From the Treasury Allocation.

How GOLDUCK Treasury is funded?

Treasury is funded in two methods.

1. If any one purchase tokens via IDO, GOLDX Platform, part of the amount goes to Treasury.

2. Revenue from the projects we build goes to Treasury

HOW GOLDX works after launch on DEX?

When user purchase tokens from our GOLDX Platform, they get bonus tokens. For example: If 10% discount is given, when user buys 100 Million tokens, they get total 110 Million tokens in total, 100 Million tokens are transferred to their wallet instantly and the rest of 10 Million bonus tokens can be claimed after 6 months. Holders can also refer their friends through a referral link and earn free GOLDUCK tokens on the GOLDX platform.

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