GOLDOMAINS - Reselling of .ETH and other blockchain based domains.

Premium Domains NFT For Sale

NFT domain names are ERC-721 tokens hosted on the Ethereum Mainnet. You can buy and use domains

We blocked some premium domains and we keep buying good names which is useful. The idea behind of reselling domains is to get some funds to GOLDUCK Treasury. Golduck community member can market these domains. These domains can be sold at Mark up Price or even greater than the mark up price. If the sale is completed thru member reference, 30% of the revenue goes to the member and the rest of 70% goes to Treasury wallet.

Some of the Blocked Domains:

Minimum mark up selling price: 2000$

  1. shibaecosystem.eth

  2. shibecosystem.eth

  3. soulboundcrypto.eth

  4. digitaleurope.eth

  5. 5ireblocks.eth

  6. pvcmeta.eth

  7. exlent.eth

  8. suprstore.eth

  9. shibyards.eth

  10. vitaliknfts.eth

  11. esoulbound.eth

  12. excellentbuy.eth

  13. ebuydaily.eth

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