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The Managed Treasury is an independent tool created and operated by one of the GolduckDAO Board Members. It is designed to drive the growth of the ecosystem by strategically investing in other promising projects and generating profits. It is important to clarify that the Managed Treasury operates independently of GolduckDAO's Multi-Sig Treasury and its governance processes. Multi-Sig Treasury is owned by GolduckDAO community with approvals required, whereas Managed Treasury is independent created by DAO Board team of allocating their share of tokens to their own private smart contract instead of their wallet to managed for the growth of GolduckDAO.

The GolduckDAO Board team have voluntarily contributed a portion of their allocation of GolduckDAO tokens to the Managed Treasury instead of locking their tokens elsewhere. This shows their commitment to the success of the ecosystem and their belief in the growth potential of the projects they will invest in.

Creating a personal Managed Treasury-like contract can be a valuable tool for GolduckDAO members who share the GolduckDAO Boards' commitment and want to contribute to the success of the ecosystem. By leveraging their own resources, these DAO Board members can seize opportunities in the market and benefit both the GolduckDAO community and themselves.

Through the Managed Treasury, the DAO Board Member actively manage the deployed funds by acquiring tokens of other projects and later selling them for profits. They use these profits for various purposes, such as buybacks, adding liquidity when needed, and covering operational expenses, all in the interest of growing the GolduckDAO ecosystem.

In contrast, the Multi-Sig Treasury of GolduckDAO is directly governed by its members, and its assets are dedicated to the development and maintenance of the ecosystem, funding grants, and community initiatives. The Managed Treasury, on the other hand, is solely under the control of the GolduckDAO Board Member and is not directly related to the DAO Governance.

The DAO Board Member maintain the right to withdraw funds from the profits generated by the Managed Treasury, use for their personal portfolio management, make payments to others, or spend on operational expenses as they see fit. This flexibility allows them to respond quickly to market opportunities and implement strategic decisions to benefit the wider GolduckDAO community.

As the Managed Treasury is a separate entity managed by individuals and operates as a smart contract, rather than an individual wallet, it is important to note that DCA Rewards will not be applicable to the Managed Treasury contract. This ensures that the rewards system remains exclusive to individual members of the GolduckDAO community and is not influenced by the strategic decisions of the Managed Treasury.

It is crucial to understand that the Managed Treasury is a separate entity managed by individuals as a smart contract, and DCA Rewards are excluded from its operations. However, members who wish to create a similar private contract can contact the DAO Board Team for assistance in setting it up for their personal interests and to further contribute to the growth of the GolduckDAO ecosystem. This allows for an integrated approach to expanding and strengthening the GolduckDAO community and its projects.

Managed Contract Address : 0xa79c299AFeeC8fdC7b80914535E7770731947F68

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