There will be maximum 100 million tokens on each chain at launch.(ETH,BSC,POLYGON,METIS)
  • 60% (60 million) go to the GolduckDAO Treasury
  • 20% (20 million) go to GOLDX Platform.
  • 5% (5 million) Private Sale
5% (5 million) go to
  • the founding team
  • the development team
  • the marketing team
  • an advisor pool
  • 10% (10 million) to early contributors on BSC/ETH as Airdrop and Scholarship Pool. Other chains Airdrop to public
Note: Any Unallocated will be returned to DAO Treasury.


GolduckDAO will continue gifting free memberships in the form of scholarships to members who are unable to afford or acquire a token from the open market but they are ready to contribute.
There is no obligation for those receiving the free memberships / tokens. They are free to stay in the community, gift their token to another person.

DEX Listing:

Initially we supply low liquidity to set the price. When we receive some funds in the treasury, we will keep supplying liquidity from Treasury to DEX.
GolduckDAO Listing Rate on DEX Platforms = $0.01 USD per GOLDUCK
BSC Listing will be on Panckeswap (BNB/GOLDUCK)
Ethereum Listing will be on Uniswap (ETH/GOLDUCK)
Polygon Listing will be on Quickswap (MATIC/GOLDUCK)
Andromeda Listing will be on Netswap (METIS/GOLDUCK)

DEX Launch Schedule: (Tentative)

Polygon Listing on Quickswap (1 May 2023)
Andromeda Listing on Netswap (1 June 2023)
BSC Listing on Pancakeswap (1 July 2023 )
Ethereum Listing on Etherscan (1 Aug 2023)
Users can buy GolduckDAO tokens at discounted price on Goldx platform.
GolduckDAO Token Address:
Address List
Goldx Custom Discount Contract Address
DCA Rewards Pool Address
Multi Sig on ETH, Polygon & BSC
Multi Sign on Metis