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GolduckDAO Token - Utilities, and Benefits

The primary goal of the GolduckDAO token is to support and grow blockchain projects across multiple chains while rewarding its ecosystem holders. Here are the key utilities and benefits of the GolduckDAO token:

  1. Revenue Model: The revenue model of GolduckDAO is centered on the projects developed by the DAO community on all four chains. As more projects launch, their revenues are sent to a multi-signature (Multi Sig) treasury managed by GolduckDAO, which benefits GolduckDAO token holders.

  2. Token Swap: GolduckDAO aims to facilitate token swaps with existing and emerging projects, from its Multi-Sig Wallet upon approval of all parties. Token swap allows to swap their tokens with other promising projects at a lower price and sell them at a higher price, leading to profits.

  3. Buybacks & Liquidity: Profits generated by the Token Swap will be used to either buy back GolduckDAO tokens or add liquidity to the token pool, thereby stabilizing its price.

  4. Staking & Yield Farming Rewards: Allow holders to stake their GolduckDAO tokens in the treasury or create yield farming pools. By doing so, they can earn a share of the treasury revenue based on their staked amount. This approach encourages token holders to participate actively in the ecosystem and adds an additional layer of security by incentivizing long-term holding.

  5. DCA Rewards: DCA Rewards system works like buying the selected tokens collectively via Dollar Cost Averaging Method and share the earned rewards among eligible holders.

  6. Multi-chain Interoperability: By operating on multiple chains, GolduckDAO provides the seamless integration of projects and developers across various ecosystems, contributing to the overall growth of the blockchain industry.

  7. Governance and Voting: Allow token holders to participate in governance votes on how the Multi-Sig Treasury revenue should be distributed. By doing so, they can choose between different distribution methods, such as buybacks, staking rewards, DCA Rewards or direct distribution. This promotes community involvement and ensures that the chosen method aligns with the preferences of the majority of token holders.

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